Tree Removal Service

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Tree Removal

Over the years we have taken down most variety of tree. This has helped us to gain the knowledge and experience to treat each tree differently based on their specific characteristics. We use this knowledge to safely bring down the limbs, or entire tree, doing so quickly, and within budget.

Although we try to list all the services we provide regarding tree removal, please contact us if you have another question or concern we have not listed.

- Tree Limb Removal

- Tree Removal

- Dangerous Tree Removal (over house, power lines, other structures)

- Dead Tree Removal

- Bucket Truck Removal (see FAQ section for more information)

- Storm Damage Cleanup

- Bush Lot Thinning

- Real Estate Yard Beautification
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While it may seem easy to assign a price to a tree, each one has unique features that will adjust the time and skill required to safely remove it.

Some of the factors that determine the price of tree removal are:

  • Size (diameter and height)
  • Branch positioning
  • Hazards below (fence, shed, pools)
  • Accessibility (how difficult is it to get to)
  • Overhead wires
  • Location of house relative to tree
  • Access for equipment

While we are happy to provide an estimate for you based on multiple photos sent over email, the best way to determine price is with an in person visit.

Coming to see your tree is a FREE service we offer, and it will take in all the above listed factors to provide you with a fair, cost effective option to safely remove your tree.

Tree Bylaws

Each city and region have unique bylaws when it comes to tree removal on your property. What is almost universal is that trees located on property owned by the city/region require permission to be pruned or cut down. Contact your local authority for further clarification.

For your benefit we have listed links to a few of the local municipalities bylaw pages.

We welcome inquiries from you regarding bylaw clarification as we keep our knowledge current.
Contact us with your questions today!
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"We have been using Metzger's for 5 years now to remove all our dead limbs and trees from our multiple residential properties. All work is done with a high degree of professionalism, and for a reasonable price"

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